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Card designed by Sylvain Sarrailh http://heatown.com/portfolio/ for /t/

Stéphane Hessel s’est éteint dans la nuit du 26 au 27 février 2013. Cette carte rend hommage à l’homme, résistant, engagé, optimiste que nous avions pu interroger en juillet dernier. Interview réalisé par Benoit Lecorre et Armelle Lavergne, filmée et montée par Anne-Laure Hahn (juillet 2012).

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/t/ Workshop: Templates

Welcome to the /t/ Workshop.

This educational series are designed to help you get the most out of Tactilize.

Template Ideas for Photographs

Engage your Tactilize audience with visually attractive portfolio cards.

"Panoramic Stripes"

"Reportage Roll"

"Double Page Summary"


  • Basic card =  picture backgorund + credits + link hotspot to website 
  • Pro =  framed gallery + themed background + zone arrangement
  • Background image size: 1024x768 or 2048x1536 (not too big!)
  • Use Frame zones to create paragraph text zones, thin lines or camera-roll effects
  • Align and center zones with the gridlines of the web studio
  • Use Paragraph zones for description and credits

=> Create Card

Template Ideas for eBooks

Tell your version of the story

"Chapter 1"




  • Short text= Title zone - static
  • Long Text = Paragraph zone - scrollable
  • Sans serif fonts preferred for better tablet reading
  • Use Frame to define reading zones
  • Align and center zones with the gridlines of the web studio

=> Create Card 

Sharing tips

Publish on Tactilize’s iPad network. Share with the rest of the world.

  • Tactilize.com now displays Featured and Shared cards
  • All cards have a unique web URL for everybody to access from any browser
  • All cards are embeddable as widgets for websites and blogs

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[Designed on Tactilize - view online]

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