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Time is coming to share our data: @Tactilize takes off, and it’s awesome!
=> Share if you’re a proud Tactilize user:  http://www.tactilize.com/Tactilize/cards/10515 /-)

Welcome to a New World made of Tactilize surfing.

GOD! We finally got the website we always dreamt of!

=> http://www.tactilize.com/ 

[any feedback? :)]

10 out of the Featured Cards in the Tactilize iPad App, this week /-)

Tactilize - Real-Time Publishing on iPad from Tactilize on Vimeo.

What’s Coming Next on Tactilize?

As a Lean and Agile Startup, Focused on your Feedback, we Release each Week new Features.

Enjoy the New Features that will be Available for all the Tactilizers in the Next Weeks:

iPad in-app iOS Publisher

Search Content / Search User

Browse the +20 Categories on any Thematics

New Design: Less is More, Clear, Simple and Focused on the Card you Create

(…) + many More (as Interactive Profiles, Collections, Music tools, Webview…)

You’re Really Welcome on Tactilize /-)


  • First iPad publisher ever, by @Tactilize
  • iOS in-app publisher: edit your picture
  • User profile on Tactilize App
  • Comments on an iPad Card


Global Launch of First Ever Content Publishing App for iPad and iPad mini

San Francisco, CA – November 2012: Tactilize, the ground-breaking self-publishing app for iPad, has now launched globally. Previously only available in the United States, Tactilize allows users to quickly create their own content for the iPad featuring their own text, photos and videos.

Tactilize users will also notice new social-functionality within the app, through the addition of the “comment” feature. “Tactilize users can publish in ‘real time’ and share their work with their followers, who are now in turn allowed to comment upon their work. This is another small step in our quest to transform more than 100 million iPad users into their own creative publishers,” explains co-founder and CEO of Tactilize Nicolas Voisin.

Tactilize for iPad and iPad Mini is available for free at the iTunes App Store:

Our goal is to break down technical barriers and give the publishing house keys to anyone with a creative interest - our ambition is to transform 80 million iPad users into their own creative publishers." (Nicolas Voisin)

> First Interactive Content Publishing Application for iPad Launches in the USA

[Reuters] http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/11/idUS137475+11-Oct-2012+PRN20121011

[CRN] http://www.mediawebsite.net/cmpch/story/?catSetID=7007&catID=290602&nrid=173698851&page=1


[French] Librarians from @Chermedia talking about Tactilize - Girls, YOU rock /-)

Seen on the Tactilize iPad Application this week (+ More Cards shared to discover, here on Pinterest /-)

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