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Live from TechCrunch Disrupt SF: TACTILIZE official pre-launch!

Tactilize announces the pre-launch of the Tactilize iPad application, 
with live demos and username reservations on TechCrunch Disrupt SF 12. 

Press release / San Francisco, CA - September 10th, 2012 —

The Tactilize Application will be released in the Apple AppStore on Sept. 20th during Mobilize 2012.

You want to publish and monetize your content on the iPad? Tactilize wants to change that and make it significantly easier for writers, photographers, videographers, small businesses and anybody else who produces interesting content to feature – and monetize – on the iPad.

To do so, Tactilize has developed an easy to use editor for add your content and design your own layout, and an iPad app for displaying it in real time - being the first “iPad content network”, giving creators and iPad owners the ultimate iPad experience. And of course, it’s a free application.

The result ? TechCrunch.com says* (Frederic Lardinois - Sept. 6th 2012) : “With the right design, the Tactilize cards you create generally look better than most iPad magazines. The experience in the app is also more fluid and intuitive than in similar iPad content apps.”

Co-Founder and COO Valentin Squirelo reflects: “We were fed up with being mere spectators on the iPad, fed up with reading web pages that were poorly adapted to the iPad screen, and fed up with not having a way to easily monetize content on the iPad. Tactilize wants to disrupt that.”

Co-founder and CEO Nicolas Voisin states: “Tactilize is the solution that allows anyone to deliver any content straight to iPad owners in a dedicated interactive format. And there is no specific technical knowledge to have to use it. It’s a new frontier for creation.”

So check it out ! Come and book your username on Tactilize.com and meet with our team on the start-up alley at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Press Contact:
Valentin Squirelo / +1 415 568 5880 / contact@tactilize.com
(or Nicolas Voisin nicolas@tactilize.com)


"Publish interactive content for iPad. Easily. Instantly."

Easy and free iPad publishing
- use any browser or publish directly with your iPad
- free application
- no need for technological know-how

Real time publishing and sharing
- create cards (iPad pages) in a few seconds
- instant publishing and sharing content
- no need for Apple approval

A dedicated iPad format
- new native format, perfect size for iPad screen, no scroll
- interactives Cards / HyperCards, “the App inside the App” for a full native iOS (iPad) user experience
- a “visual twitter”

iPad: Best market place to sell contents to the best online audience
- 80% of online media sales made within the AppStore
- high revenue audience targeted (an average $15/month in the Apple appstore)
- one clic buying option with in App purchase through Tactilize

#enjoy /-)

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