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The Latest News About Your Favorite iPad (Mini) App

Let’s Rock 2013 Together!

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We’ve worked very hard during the holiday season to scale for your massive arrivals, to listen to your feedback, to implement some of your requests and to keep on building the app with you and your digital opportunities in mind.

Your Tactilize audience is growing every day! Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we have welcomed more than 12,000 users with a daily average of 2,000+ new accounts created. 
20,000+ Tactilize users are now reading your cards. 
20% of you create cards. It’s AMAZING! You truly turned the iPad into a creative machine…

Keep on Changing The Game!

Your Tactilize cards are now interactive on the web! You can play the videos, open the hotposts, scroll the texts and comment as if you were on the iPad.  This is now a seamless experience for your audience all across the web.
Tested and Approved by NASA!

Share The Love To Juno … & Beyond!

We’re relentlessly enhancing the current features and implementing new ones at a very fast pace. New updates are coming very soon!

  • Private Cards
  • Card Management in Collections
  • Card-to-Card Linking
  • All in-app Editing Elements

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10 out of the Featured Cards in the Tactilize iPad App, this week /-)

How to use Tactilize, the “Instagram for hypermedia publishing”? Benoit Pereira da Silva, one of the Tactilize new beta-users, show you ;-)

=> see the all pictures here: http://raffut.com/tactilize-com-une-plateforme-de-mini-publications-ubiquitaire-post-pc/

Our goal is to break down technical barriers and give the publishing house keys to anyone with a creative interest - our ambition is to transform 80 million iPad users into their own creative publishers." (Nicolas Voisin)

> First Interactive Content Publishing Application for iPad Launches in the USA

[Reuters] http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/11/idUS137475+11-Oct-2012+PRN20121011

[CRN] http://www.mediawebsite.net/cmpch/story/?catSetID=7007&catID=290602&nrid=173698851&page=1


[French] Librarians from @Chermedia talking about Tactilize - Girls, YOU rock /-)

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