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Terms of Use

Tactilize SAS is a technology company, in the form of a “société par actions simplifiée”, registered at Paris, n° RCS Paris B 502 809 817, headquartered in Paris, France - called after “the Company”. You can contact us at: contact@tactilize.com

The Tactilize service is a technology, including the iPad application and a web publishing platform, allowing everybody to publish, share and discover content on iPad - called after “Tactilize”.

The content that users design and share on Tactilize are called “Cards”.

Tactilize is on a public beta stage, and the application and publisher tool you are using are the launching version, focus on the essential first services. It will be released with features, weeks after weeks.

Here are the first “Terms of Use” that you commit to respect when using Tactilize:

  • General: The use of Tactilize oblige to respect strictly the rights of third parties (notably copyright), applicable laws and the terms of use of Apple. Notably is strictly forbidden the creation of Cards with any racist, pornographic or pedophile contents.
  • Contents of Cards: The Users must have the necessary rights on the contents used to create Cards (texts, pictures, videos, etc.): either the user is the author, or has a licence, or the content is free of rights (public domain, creative commons, etc.). The contents and the Cards must respect the term of use of Apple. Any content or Card that does not respect the rights of third parties (notably copyright), applicable laws and the terms of use of Apple will be deleted in a short delay after report to the Company.
  • Rights of the Company on users Cards: For now, the Company does not take any rights on the Cards created by users. This could change in the future.
  • In-app purchase: In a close future, the Company will be granted a commission on the Apple in-app purchase made through Tactilize. For now, there is no commission.
  • Status of the Company (host) and of the users (editors): The Company is only the host of the Cards created by users with Tactilize. Therefor, the Company is not the editor of the Cards created by users. The users are the sole editor of their Cards. The users are fully responsible, and they assume any consequences, notably legal and judiciary, of the Cards they created and published with Tactilize.

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